Sarah Parnicky0028 1.jpg
Sarah Parnicky exudes the petite spunkiness of a Disney Princess while singing quite prettily on both her semi-patter songs and fairly melodic ballads
— Musical Theatre Review
When Sarah Parnicky first sings, she offers up a crisp, clear sound that, while supported by wonderful musicians, sounds almost a capella in its glassy fragility.
— New York Theatre Guide
Parnicky and Saide do bang-up jobs as shy lovers. On the Kellogg-Friedman love ballads their voices are stellar. Tall and men’s-magazine-cover-handsome Saide demands attention whenever he’s on stage. So does Parnicky, who has comic chops she shows off in a mirror sequence with Molina that neatly recalls the unforgettable one Lucille Ball and Harpo Marx executed on I Love Lucy back in that day. This one has its memorable qualities as well.
— New York Stage Review